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Electronics Assemblies and Electrical systems

Solvanni has highly experienced supply based to support different Industry needs like Communication , Computers ,Medical Equipments, Consumer Electronics and Automobile Industry. We offer different PCB assembly processes like Surface mount , Thru hole , Mixed Technology ( Surface mount and Thru hole ) ,Single or double sided PCB , Conformal Coating, EMI Solutions with lead free soldering complying to RoHS requirements .

  • Board Types: Rigid PCB’s , Flexible PCB’s, Metalcore PCB’s ..
  • Surface Finish : Lead /Lead Free , HASL ,ENIG ,Silver, OSP

Other services include,

  • Electronic Design, Manufacturing, Products and Systems Integration Services
  • Prototyping, Sourcing, Turnkey Manufacturing and Support Services of High Tech/High Mix, Medium Volume Electronic Product/Systems
  • Manufacture of PCBAs, Box Building, Product and Systems Integration and OEM Manufacturing
  • Assembly and Manufacture of Military Grade Cable/Wire Harnesses
  • Design and Development of Embedded Products / Systems/FPGA based Systems
  • Component level Hardware Repair, Design Development, re-engineering and Obsolescence Management Services and Support