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Consulting and Services

Solvanni’s provies Consulting and Services as a total Supply Chain solutions to our Customers encompassing Digital Supply Chain i.e. Information Technology solutions complementing the Physical Supply Chain of Sourcing, procurement and delivery. We are pioneers in Supply Chain process assessment, best practice recommendation, process design and technology implementation tailored to meet the customer’s environment and existing investments made. We bring decades of experience with experts who worked in fortune 100 companies.

Connected Planning, Supply Chain Visibility and Predictive analytics is now becoming a strategic capability for any Organization and therefore the need is for building core competencies in Integrated Business Processes, Enterprise view of data and the Network of customers and partner manufacturers, supplier systems. Collaboration not only within the enterprise but also across partners in the extended Supply Chain is needed to achieve operational visibility to drive operational excellence. This brings the need for considerable deep process and technology solutions to support this futuristic need. Solvanni brings suite of technology solutions, consulting and implementation services for

  • Extended complex communications across the Supply Chain network
  • Dynamic Supply Chain Network with Local controls
  • Digital models of the overall processes and participants
  • Real time analytics to define the rules and frameworks for decision making
  • Process optimization in dynamic networks

Better alignment between strategy, planning and execution leading to more satisfied customers, collaborative suppliers and improved financial metrics needs a more robust coordination and decision making process which can respond to unplanned events as well as drive the month over month cadence of Demand, Supply, Inventory and Financial balance. This balance is needed not only within the four walls of the organization but across the extended network of customers, contract manufacturers, suppliers and other partners. This coordination process called Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) a.k.a Integrated Business Planning will need to function at the core of the organization with executive involvement and their stewardship. Solvanni Supply Chain solutions are cloud based that augments existing SCM/ERP software portfolio to enable this process coordination, end-to-end demand visibility, rapid sense-response and increased network collaboration. Years of thought leadership is designed into the architectural plan and easy to use for the skills of a human to be effectively put in to use and for decision making.

Our Technology solutions architecture with Plan-Make-Source-Deliver-Returns-Enable processes at the core to bring operational excellence