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Simplified Planning with the Solvanni Anaplan Academy

Fast-growing organizations are leveraging cloud platforms for critical decision-making.  CXOs and application leaders are increasingly relying on agile, intuitive, and real-time information provided by cloud-based platforms such as Anaplan for enabling rapid and efficient planning. 

Working closely with Anaplan, the proven leaders in planning solutions, we offer future-state, cloud-based solutions around financial planning, digital supply chain and sales performance and IT portfolio management across industry verticals. Our portfolio of Anaplan offerings combined with our collective expertise and experiential leadership has delivered business objectives for our clients through:

  • Reduced costs and improved cash flows with an Onsite/ Offshore Model
  • Accelerated delivery with better planning and capacity utilization,
  • Higher accountability enabled by a better forecast accuracy
  • Empowered employees with data driven decision-making
  • Informed decision-making with improved planning, budgeting and forecasting practices

We are now happy to announce the launch of the Solvanni Anaplan Academy, an opportunity to transform your planning and operations with Anaplan experts:

  • Problem solving for builders around model building
  • Engagement opportunity with Master Anaplanners and solution architects for learners
  • Session on tips and tricks to expedite large development asks
  • Adoption ideas for new UX of Anaplan

Set up your customized one-on-one session with our master Anaplanner today!