The Convergence of Physical and Digital Supply Chain

July 21, 2020

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Speaker: Bharani Rang, Global Supply Chain Practitioner & CEO, Solvanni

Pent-up demand for acquiring or combining with other businesses has created significant Supply Chain challenges not just cost reductions but value creation in operational efficiencies to drive profitability. Supply Chain Visibility has become the strategic capability for Semiconductor business with the global consolidation which now has the network of Fab, Assembly, Test and Finishing processes across the value network. Historically the need has been to measure and track the key supply chain metrics but tomorrow’s need is to have visibility in to the real time supply chain metrics and events to analyze and predict the impact of an order line item and the inventory positions real time across the network.

With the cloud based technological advancements, the convergence of physical supply chain and the digital supply chain has now become a reality with the integration of process data across various SCOR functions and its key metrics/ KPIs.

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SSIA Supply Chain Management Forum 2016